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  • Polished Concrete
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  • Pool Decks
  • Exterior Hardscapes
  • Epoxy Flooring
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interior floors

Vegas Hardscape offers several flooring preparation systems for remodels and tenant improvements beginning with the removal of existing or unwanted coatings, paints, carpet glue, tile mortar, and if needed re-profiling via bead blasting or diamond grinding.

Dust containment and protecting finished surfaces such as walls, adjacent spaces, cabinetry and mill work is a high priority , so rest assured that all preventative measures will be taken to ensure we protect your environment. Should your floor need resurfacing or leveling, we will provide a new floor topping for high traffic surfaces using a cementitious overlay; these include integral colored, micro-topping, or self-levelers with a 6100 P.S.I.

Patterns can also be decoratively scored and stained with many patterns, or color separations.

We understand often a strict budget is a factor, many cases in lieu of an overlay we can repair your concrete and install a chemical stain or acrylic stain application and sealer. Chemical acid and water based stains are a very innovative look for interior floors as well as exterior hardscapes. We offer one of the largest selections of coloring systems & finishes in the industry.

exterior hardscapes

Vegas Hardscape takes much pride in each and every project ranging from home installations; driveways, patios, pool decks and courtyards, to commercial projects, shopping centers, strip malls, and hotels.

We are an innovative custom concrete finish contractor with many applications available. Some of the most requested hardscape or concrete finishes include; Exposed Aggregate, Pebble Finishes, and Sand Finishes. 1/4" Stamped Overlays or newly poured Stamped Concrete such as Italian Slate, Natural Flagstone, Simulated Tile, Brick and Random Rock are some patterns and textures systems we can provide, but with one of the largest selections available in Southern Nevada, we are certain to find the finish that meets your needs.

Custom Coloring and concrete staining adds to the value of your property and to its curb appeal. We only use specialty formulated sealers to protect your investment.

We also offer 1/4" troweled, textured, smooth, or stamped overlays. If your existing Hardscape is worn and discolored, we also specialize in color restoration and resealing in giving your concrete finishes a fresh new look.

custom applications

One of the fastest-moving trends is the use of decorative concrete for bathroom vanities, sinks, and tub and shower surrounds. Its variations and design potentials are almost infinite.

The main reasons for the appeal is the versatility. Concrete is the only material that allows you to customize just about every aspect of it, including color, shape, thickness, and texture.

Vegas Hardscape will customize our finishes to your surroundings and in many cases allowing for remodeling without removal of existing finishes.

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exterior work

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